Quotes are Food for the Soul

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Have you ever read a quote and it resonated with you?  Did it leave an impression on your life?  That’s because quotes have a way of touching your soul.

They lift you up when you are down

They encourage you when you need support

They propel you forward when you are motionless

They help you remember where you’ve been

They keep you focused on where you are going

They open your mind to different points of view

They make you want to be a better you

They give you courage when you are afraid

They enable you to do the impossible

They help you to forgive

They make you think

They inspire you

They allow you to dream

They make you see the truth

They make you feel like you are not alone

They change your outlook on life…

Therefore, read a quote every day and nourish your soul!


Half Full or Half Empty?


I am a firm believer in mind over matter and that our thoughts control our actions.  So much so that we do not even realize when asked a simple question like, “How would you describe this glass of water?”  Most people will say half empty or half full without any thought.  Why?  Because our perception is our reality.  The way that I perceive an object or situation may be different from the way you perceive the same object or situation.  It does not make one of us wrong or right, it just means we have a different perception.

Often times, we mistake someone’s perception for reality or truth.  When we allow someone else’s perception to become our truth, we can never be ourselves.  We start believing what they say about us and it slowly becomes our reality.  Then the “living up to someone else’s perception” begins.

Therefore, it is important to learn the meaning of discernment – knowing the difference between your perception and someone else’s perception.  Think of it as a debate.  I am sure we all have seen a debate whether in school or on television or amongst friends.  Each side has points to support their point of view in an effort to persuade the other to “accept” their thoughts.  In order to be an effective debater, one must be educated on the topic as well as passionate.  As soon as a great debater sees the opponent quiver or lose confidence, he is relentless in driving his point home until he wins.  If you are not educated on the topics or confident in your thoughts, you will be easily swayed.

Unfortunately, many people are easily swayed and “duped” into believing someone else’s perception is their reality.  If I had a dollar for every time, someone told me that “perception is reality”, I would be rich.  People use perception as a tool in order to control you – to classify you.  Take our glass scenario for example.  If you say the glass is half full then people say you are an optimist.  If you say, it is half-empty, people say you are a pessimist.  Now you can choose to accept these terms or not.  However, whatever you choose let it be because that is how you see yourself – not how others see you.

Besides, in the end does it really matter?  In the end, the glass is half-empty and it is also half-full.  Once you realize this simple concept, you have mastered objectivity.  You have freed your mind!  You can see both sides clearly and can discern from perceptions that are not your own.

Closure – Is it an Ending or Beginning?

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What is closure and why do we need it?  The dictionary defines closure as a feeling of finality or resolution.   Do we need someone else’s approval or confirmation to feel resolved?

I never thought I would struggle with closure – and certainly not with a friend.  Yet I found myself not knowing why we were not friends anymore.  The communication just became one way.  Then there was no reply.  No reply from a person who shared their secrets, fears and aspirations with me.  No response from someone I thought I knew – keyword “thought”.

Then I found the need to know why?  What happen?  Why was that person conversing with other friends we had in common, but not me?  I told myself maybe it’s just a phase…but the phase became a year – a year of not knowing why.

Sure, there were days and weeks that I forgot about my “friend”.  Yet people we knew in common would bring the person up in conversation.  I would see her comments on Instagram or Twitter.  Then of course the questions of why would ramble in my head.  I would think why am I wasting my time on someone who obviously has no concern for me.  Then calmness would turn into anger.  However, who was I angry at?  The answer was me.

We all have intuition.  There were times in the friendship, were I thought the person was self-absorbed and did not give as much as she took.  I even thought that I should slowly involve myself less with her.  So why was I surprised when she stopped texting, calling and wanting to get together for lunch.   I knew that perhaps this was a friendship for a season and not for a lifetime.  Yet, I still needed to know, why.

Does it really matter?  What is her telling me “why” going to do?  Was it going to erase the time I spent on wondering?  Would it erase what I felt?  No, it would not.  You see what she has to say does not define me.  I am the only one who has the power to move on.  The why would just be the beginning.  The beginning of explaining and understanding and feeling awful.  Therefore, I do not need “closure” because it is not the ending.  I had already resolved my feelings for the friendship.  I knew it was  not enhancing my life.  I knew that before it ended.

I forgot one important thing – no one can make you feel a certain way unless you allow it.  Therefore, you do not need closure to move forward in your life.  You just need to trust yourself and believe in the power you possess to live your life fully.  Don’t ever let words define you – certainly not this one!