I’ve been away from my blog for a while. Busy with the day to day tasks that can consume you. Busy with things that have taken me away from my family and away from what I love. It is so easy to get caught up in things we think are important or we think are making our lives better when in reality they are making our life meaningless. I read this quote recently and it made me take a look at how I was spending my time:

“Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”

How many times have you said, “Not now” to your child, spouse, significant other or friend when they asked you to play a game, go to lunch or just spend time with them? Time passes so quickly that we cannot even see the moments we are losing. Soon your child will stop asking you to play a game or read them a story or tuck them in at night. Soon your significant other will stop asking you to watch a movie, go dancing or have a romantic dinner. Soon you will be older and wondering where did the time go? Moreover, you’ll be wondering what did you do with your time?

Are you so busy trying to make a living that you are not living your life? Are you to busy waiting for a special occasion to go out or wear that new dress or suit? Are waiting until the kids are grown or you retire to get that car you’ve always wanted? If you said yes, then my question to you is…”Why”?

Your special occasion is right now. Every day you wake and are in your right mind is a cause for celebration. Every day of your life is a gift and should be used preciously. I understand that we all need to work to support ourselves. However, don’t’ get that twisted. We work to support and enhance our life. We do not live to work.

Don’t spend your life just working and getting ahead, thinking that when I make it, I’ll go on vacation with the family, I’ll buy that car or house or whatever it is you keep putting off. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us. How do we know we will even live until “later”? A friend of mine, use to work long hours and answer emails in the evening and on weekends. Her husband would complain that she was always working and they would argue. I use to ask her why she was killing herself over this job? “Do you think if something happened to you and you could not work anymore that this company would take care of you the rest of your life? Let me tell you they would not.” I would tell her don’t think you are irreplaceable. Unfortunately, my friend was “downsized”. Soon thereafter, she realized that she wasted time on the company that she would never get back. Time she could have spent with her husband and young son. She felt cheated.

Therefore, I ask you “Are you making a living or living your life? Don’t put off things until “later”. Don’t wait to play with your kids. They grow so fast and before you know it, they’ll be gone living their own lives. Don’t take your spouse for granted, putting them last after work and the kids. They deserve valuable time with you. Don’t wait for a special occasion to use the China or the “good silverware” or drink that bottle of wine. Don’t wait until you retire to get the car of your dreams. Who knows if you’ll be able to enjoy it then?

Recent events in my life have reminded me how precious life is and that we are cheating ourselves if we do not make every moment count. I know it’s hard sometimes to balance everything that goes on in life. However, once you start living your life instead of “managing” your life, everything will come into focus. I pray that you will have the courage to live the life that was meant for you and not watch it slip away on meaningless moments.