To Travel is Better than to Arrive

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I heard this phrase the other day and thought some of the simplest phrases have the most meaning.  Then I wondered if the person who said this was younger or older.  What a blessing it would be to realize this when you were young.  Then you would have so much more time to enjoy the journey.  You wouldn’t spend so much time trying to “arrive” because you would know the beauty of the ride.  You would know how precious every minute of every day would be.

There would be no pretense, or time limits to worry about.  That’s the stuff that keeps us from enjoying the ride.  The “I need to be married before I turn 30”.  “I need to make 6 figures before I’m…, I need to make partner in 5 years”, “I needed 500 followers by the end of the month” and so on.  Why do we put such constraints on ourselves?  Why are we carrying needless burdens?  Some may say we need to set goals in order to accomplish things.  However, we sometimes confuse goals with deadlines.  The things I just mentioned are deadlines because they are actions that involve other people.  Whereas, a goal should be something that is obtainable by you alone.

There is so much to taste, see, and experience as you travel.  Now that I think about it, I am not so sure if it’s better to realize this when you are young.  They say, a fine wine gets better as it ages.  Therefore, in that respect, we must get wiser as we get older.  When we are young, we are just beginning the journey.  Sometimes we don’t even know who we are let alone what path we should take.

I always hear people say, “If I knew then what I know now, I would have done things differently.  Yet, if you could do it over, would you? (Check out my earlier post- If you had a do over button, would you use it?).  Sometimes, the best part of the journey is the stumbles and falls and how we get back up.  The lessons we learn are what shape and build are character.

I think we all realize life is a journey at the time that is right for us.  We could be 16 or 32.  It doesn’t matter. What matters is that we make the most of every moment we have in life.  This ride is the only one we have.  Therefore, look out the window and daydream often.  Sing out loud.  Act silly with your kids…or friends.  Dance every day.  Love deeply and live with a purpose.

I’m enjoying the ride.  Are you?

Words Have Power

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Have you ever been excited and nervous at the same time?  Kinda like being pregnant or for guys asking someone to marry you…or your first job?   Well, that is what it feels like for me writing this.  I am excited about the possibility of starting something new and sharing my thoughts.  But  nervous about putting myself out there.  Can you relate to that?  I hope you can.

So here it goes.  I’d like to share a little lesson that I learned that has been helpful in my life – words have power.  Now you might say, yeah OK… that’s it.  What kinda lesson is that?   Well, I find that the most simplistic words have the most significant meaning.  I am sure you have heard someone say “Hindsight is 20/20″.  That saying has an infinite amount of insight behind it.  I won’t go into all the possibilities but you know what I mean.

Ask anyone who has ever been bullied, or been told “No” or has been told “You’re worthless” if words have power.  Ask anyone who has been told  “You are cured” or “You are my hero” or “I love you” if words have power.  If you constantly hear the same words long enough, you start to believe them.

Don’t let someone else define you by words.  You are dynamic, you are awesome and there is nobody like you!  Use your words wisely and speak things into being that are positive.  Once you realize the power that you have, the influence you have just by speaking…you will think twice about what you say.

Once I learn a lesson I make a note to myself so that it becomes a part of me.  I challenge you to use your words to lift someone up, to encourage and to inspire.  We all have power… it’s what we do with it that makes us who we are.