Often times we do something or make a mistake and wish we could do it over.  How many times have you said something and as the words were leaving your mouth, you already wish you could take them back?  How easy life would be if we had a “Do Over” button…

We would never make any mistakes.  There would never be any “accidents”.  We would always get 100% on tests and quizzes.  We would never offend anyone.  We would always be on time…or late depending on where you were going.

For most tense and purposes, things would always go smoothly for you.  But what would you learn?  How to be a “perfectionist”?  What struggle would you go through?  What kind of character would you build?  How would the people around you treat you…a perfectionist?  Would they view your perfection as “annoying” or would they see you as you would see yourself?  Would you be happy?

Life is not easy for a reason.  We all need to grow and learn.  That is why we do not come out of our mother’s womb as an adult.  That is why everyday is not filled with sunshine.    We need it to rain in order for us to appreciate the sunshine.  We need to fall, so we know how to get back up.  We need to crawl before we walk. 

We would not be who we are today if we could just erase everything that was not “perfect” in our lives.  If we could just “Do Over”, when would our real life begin?  Would we even be living or would we just be reacting?

Life is not meant to be perfect, it is meant to be lived – lived and learned.  Everything that I have done in my life has made me who I am today.  So if I had a “Do Over” button, I would not use it.  Would you?